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Welcome to my site!

As a start, please have a look at the Table of Contents, on your right. This should give you some idea what content I've managed to get on-line so far:

Change of Plans

Originally, I had planned on putting several experiments here, at this site, under my name (so to speak).

Now, I've changed that plan slightly - and started a new domain named These various projectss - and other projects as well - will be realized as subdomains of that domain.

See for more details.

Original Plans:

The following text is slightly out-of-date, but gives you an idea of what I'm thinking about doing - either here or elsewhere.

Apart from the little I've actually implemented, I've thought about the following:
  • If the rest of the family doesn't stop me first, I have an idea for a little experiment in computer-added family history: My maternal grand-mother, Blanche Royer-Dohner, wrote an autobiography (which is also a family history), which I'd like to bring on line, in a collaborative format, so that everyone in the family can pick up where my Grandmother left off, and contribute to the history.
  • Another thing I want to do on this web site could be called Experiments in Computer-Aided Rationality - Alternate Title: The Argument Clinic (something hopefully not entirely similar to this role model). I want to do some work, namely, on collaborative formats for representing and developing arguments, in particular, political arguments.
  • If I had the time, I keep thinking of doing a double-blog:
    • A Review of the Foreign Press for People Living in the USA, and
    • A Review of the US Press for People Living in Germany.
    But who am I kidding? Where would I get the time?
So, please feel free to send me your thoughts concerning which of these plans should be realized in which order (and which shouldn't be realized at all, perhaps?), or to make suggestions for something completely different you might like to see here. I'd very much appreciate hearing from you!

Last updated: 17 April, 2006